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Member resume of Loi Le
Loi Le
Senior Full-stack Developer
Experience in onsite-working:

Promary Skills

• Java (J2EE)

• Javascript, Html, CSS

• Java for Android

• React JS and GraphQL

Other Skills

• Erlang (functional programming language – used to develop Facebook messenger)

• Objective-C

• C/C++

• Shellscript (UNIX)

• Perl

• UML Modelling

• Gosu (Guidewire language) for Guidwire

• Selenium 2.0

• Websphere MQ

• MEAN FullStack (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, NodeJS)

• IDE: Jetbrains, Eclipse, VIM, Emacs, NetBeans, XCode

• Build tools: Maven, Ant, Gradle, Bower, Grunt

• Version control: SVN, Git, Mercurial (MAC OS)

• Application server: Weblogic, Tomcat

• Database: MySQL, Oracle


• Vietnamese

• English

• France

University of Technology, Vietnam
Bachelor - Science in Information Technolog
Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Mécanique et d’Aérotechnique, France
Engineer Diploma - Computer Science and Industrialization
University of Poitiers, France
Master Degree - Computer Science
Working Experience
SERDAO Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam)
Senior Full-stack Developer
June 2017 - Now

Participated in the “Deveryloc” development, a web application project using GWT (Google Web Toolkit) technologies, backed by J2EE and Spring framework. Dated from 2008, the project evolves until today into version 2 using Google Map as its core service. Its main target is to provide a complete tracking system to any GPS and/or GSM devices including mobiles subscribed from different operators in France such as OrangeF, SFR, Bouygues and FREE. It comprises multiple modules such as: Localiser, Proximite, Alertes, Messages, Commandes, Rapports, Partages, Escalade and Outils.

Each module is responsible for a particular purpose such as “Localiser” for displaying the geo-positions of tracked devices on the map (Google Map),  detecting their presence in a particular zone (zone of presence), drawing traces from positions, etc…”Proximite” module for determining if the device approached to a particular defined point of location; “Alertes” module for creating and listing dynamic alertes like “Connexion au reseau”, “Penetrer une zone”, etc… which in case will send the notifications to the user for such event.  

Deveryloc is administered by account, each account has particular accesses to certain modules.  Generally speaking, the account represents the user who will log-in Deveryloc with certain permissions, he or she can create devices for tracking purpose, sending and receiving notifications about these devices, drawing their positions on the map, follow their traces, export data, etc..

Coupled with Deveryloc from the external, there are two main servers GEOHUB and GIFTs which provide the addresses resolution for the coordinates of positions (longitude and latitude) sent to them in form of webservices.


- Finished lot “HP2 refonte” of Deveryloc

- Appreciated and satisfied by Deveryware client for the quality and deadline expectation.  

- Demonstration of product at Milipol Paris 2017

Technologies used in project

- GWT 2.8

- Java 8

- Angular 2

- MySql

- Spring Boot

- Selenium automation test

- Github



- MySql

- Spring Boot

- Selenium automation test

- Github

Capgemini France (Suresnes, France)
Senior Consultant, Team Lead
Nov 2015 - June 2017

The project initiated by AXA Group Solutions, a service department inside AXA Global. Its mission is to create a Guidewire Claim Center library including guidelines, documents and source code in order to accelerate the process of implementing insurance business needs for AXA entities including AXA France, AXA Germany, AXA UK, AXA Belgium, AXA Mexico and AXA HongKong.

The objective is triple:

- Reduce the cost of development by developing one code source and   reuse it among the group entities

- Win time from cost of development to more responsive to market demand

- Standardizing the processes between the group entities.


- Lead the team of 4 French resources in Capgemini France

- Train new associates Guidewire Claim Center.

- Design conception and technical solution proposal.

- Technical support

Technologies used in project

- Configuration (Gosu, PCF) and integration (Webservices) in Guidewire

- Selenium for automation test

Global Cybersoft JSC
Senior Software Developer
Oct 2007 - Apr 2014

An application developed by Myriad Groups using Erlang and Java under Linux to implement USSD Services for mobile users worldwide of Orange France Telecom. The USSD is Unstructured Supplementary Service Data used in mobile like typing *101#,*100*recharge_number#, consult the mobile balance, recharge mobile amount, etc....

Erlang is a functional programming language developed by Ericson.

This application contains also a web portal developed in JAVA which implements mobile emulators of different sizes for testing purpose and the other part the USSD configuration on the browser like how to configure the workflow of USSD Code *101, *102, etc…


- Team lead of 10 resources

- Communicating with French clients for eliciting requirements

- Requirement analysis

- Solution proposal writing as technical lead

- Analyzed requirements and wrote specifications

- Reviewed code and troubleshot the technical problems

- Trained new members

- Implement Continuous Integration (CI)

Technologies used in project


- Erlang, MySQL 5.0


- Web-services: SOAP

- OS : Fedora 15

- Shellscript (UNIX)

- Emacs

- Git


- Proposal writing experience

- Leadership skill experience

- Technical skills experience

- Master Linux ShellScript programming

- Master functional programming

LISI (Laboratoire d’Informatique Scientifique et Industrielle) of ENSMA (Poitiers, France)
Researcher and Developer
Mar 2007 - Sep 2007

A web portal act as a gateway for “all things green” – including content, commerce, and product information. A central component of making the portal a success is the engagement of children – who are growing up with a socially conscious understanding that caring for the environment is crucial for the preservation of the world around them. To drive the engagement of children in this portal, we will work to create an email client. The email client will provide a safe way for children to communicate with one another and their friends and family outside of and allow parents to monitor their children’s activities. Additionally, users will build up points that can later be used in a virtual world, or converted into donations to various causes.


- Database design

- Develop business logic module

- Develop GUI using DOJO

- Write unit test

Technologies used in project

- Java Mail, Struts 2.0, Hibernate 3.0

- Oracle

- Apache

- DOJO framework

- Junit


- Enhance leadership skill

- Technical problem solving

Timesheet Management
Oct 2007 - Feb 2008

Project required in the internal company serves to track the timesheet of the whole employees.


- Database design

- Develop GUI using Actionscript, MXML

- Developed business logic, data access layer

- Support for solving technical issues in the project

Technologies used in project

- Java/J2EE, Hibernate 3, Tomcat 4, Ant, Log4j

- MXML, ActionScript 3.0


- Tomcat

- Cairngorm framework


- Database optimization

- Experienced in Flex

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